Common Questions About Using Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites online right now. While there are many like it, Facebook is considered one of the best online at the moment. There are many questions about this social networking platform. Learn answers to these many common questions.Is Facebook going to start charging a fee?There have been some stories claiming that Facebook might start to charge for it’s services. Don’t worry cause these aren’t really true. Facebook does make quite a bit of money from the site already and there isn’t an incentive to charge as people would just use another social networking site that is free.What are the issues around Facebook privacy complaints?There have been some issues about privacy on Facebook recently. When updating the terms of service many members were not aware that their privacy settings were changed. You need to always make sure your profile is private each time after a major update to make sure this hasn’t been changed.What does a poke mean on Facebook?A poke is just another way of saying hi to someone on the site. It really means very little other than to get your attention.How can you see someone’s profile without being a friend?If you want to see someone’s profile that is private, you will have to become their friend. There isn’t a way of hacking the system to see someone’s private information. If he or she doesn’t want you to see the profile, that’s just how it is.How does Facebook make money when giving away services for free?Facebook does have advertisements that are on your profile page and other pages on the site. Additionally, many of the games have options to purchase virtual items or currencies that do give Facebook real money.